We want to harden our server SPAM controls even further and ensure hosting customers are getting 99% legit email traffic. But to accomplish this, we need the help of our customers...

Because our customers rely on the receiving of email with many different attachment types, from many regions of the globe, we cannot just engage ultra tight SPAM filtering on servers for fear of many emails being scored as SPAM and being rejected, causing business disruptions to customers.

So we've taken 2 actions to help avoid and seriously mitigate SPAM email.



Our servers are now configured to reject or accept email by associated country IP address. The list of allowed and disallowed countries was emailed to account owners to scan the PDF and respond to this email if there is ANY country or geographic location on this list that your domain or business needs to be able to communicate with, so we can alter the server to allow the traffic.



We have established a SPAM control email account as: spam-control@diamondtechbiz.com. Whenever your domain receives any SPAM email please instantly forward the email this email address. We will review the account bi-monthly and take action against domains sending our customers SPAM. Again the email will be blocked at the domain level so a change in the fake sender's address won't matter.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

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